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  • Forest Pack 6.1.5 released

    Forest Pack 6.1.2 has been released with improvements to IPR compatibility and stability

  • Forest Pack meets Frank Lloyd Wright

    We’re kicking off the new year with a brand new case study that explores how RailClone and Forest Pack helped to recreate the unbuilt work of one of the most famous architects that lived - Frank Lloyd Wright. Enjoy!

  • Manou the Swift and Forest Pack

    Read our interview with LUXX Studios' Christian Haas, creators of the new trailer for Manou the Swift

  • Merry Xmas!

    Continuing our annual tradition of releasing a seasonal Tips & Tricks episode, we’re pleased to introduce ‘RailClone Xmas Tree III', our latest tutorial for RailClone and RailClone Lite. Wishing you a merry Xmas and our best hopes for 2019.

  • New language options

    We have adapted our main product pages to Spanish, French and Russia in order to approach non-english speaking markets. Now you can chose any of those languages both on Forest Pack and RailClone product pages.

  • Creating Nature Scenes in no time with Forest Pack Pro

    Creating Nature Scenes in no time with Forest Pack Pro is our new Fp tutorial to create nature renders in little more than an afternoon.

  • New tutorial on how to create Parquet Floors and Rugs for Interior Visualisations

    IN this new instalment, we explain how to use RailClone and Forest Pack to create rugs and parquet floors including several techniques to control materials and create patterns.

  • SoA Academy Day#9

    From Friday, 12-October-2018 to Saturday, 13-October-2018. When great software and boundless creativity join forces, the outcome can be amazing. That's why this year (for the sith time in a row) we joint forces with Polymachine to give our keynote at our second house, SoA Ad, the main Archviz event in the industry.

  • New Bushes and Flowers library

    “Bushes and Flowers” is our new The3dGarden collection with 41 species of common European and North American bushes, flowers, grasses and plants. There are four variations available for each of the species to create a comprehensive library of 146 plants. Also included are 14 grass models and 7 ready to use presets. All fully integrated with Forest Pack.

  • Architectural Visualization Days 2018

    From Thursday, 20-September-2018 to Friday, 21-September-2018. Our fourth visit to Gothenburg to share knowledge with our wide crowd in the Nordics

  • ATC Tour Madrid 2018

    From Wednesday, 19-September-2018 to Friday, 21-September-2018. En Septiembre visitamos nuestras ATCs en Madrid para presentar las últimas novedades de Forest Pack y RailClone. Realizamos talleres en los que alumnos, usuarios de nuestros plugins y usuarios de 3dsMax en general tuvieron la oportunidad de poder hablar de “tú a tú” con nuestro equipo de soporte y aplicar posteriormente lo aprendido a mejorar su workflow ya sea en arquitectura, gaming o VFX. Gracias a nuestros partners 24studioLAB, Factoría5 TrainingHub, CICE y BIMVIZ por su colaboración.

  • Forest Pack 6.1.2 released

    Forest Pack 6.1.2 has been released with important improvements and fixes.

  • New photoscanned rocks and leaves presets

    We're proud to annouce our our first new collections of free built-in libraries created using photoscanned data.

  • Mastering Procedural Modelling with RailClone

    Learn techniques based on Bertrand Benoit’s Of The Future scene that was used for our recent RailClone 3.2 release

  • Mundo Digitales 2018

    From Thursday, 05-July-2018 to Saturday, 07-July-2018. Una vez más acudimos a nuestra cita anual con la industria patria, donde enseñamos como resolvimos algunos de los casos de soporte mas inverosímiles del último año.