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New photoscanned rocks and leaves presets
Среда, 12-сентября-2018

We're proud to annouce our first new collections of free built in libraries created using photoscanned data.

In Forest Pack 6 we included Update Manager, a new library management system that separated library data from the main plugin. This allows us to release new content at any time, without needing to wait for a plugin release. The new Rocks and Leaves libraries are the first to take advantage of this new delivery method. Both these libraries are available now to Forest Pack 6 users. Just open Update Manager and start downloading!

The new high quality Rocks library contains over 40 photoscanned rocks in a variety of size, plus 6 ready-made presets to add large areas of rocks in just a couple of clicks.

The new leaves library includes 6 new presets in two sizes each: detail versions for close up renders and large for covering huge areas. Like the rocks, the leaves were all created using photoscanned data.

New photoscanned rocks and leaves presets - 5c1a1eeb21120

Both libraries include materials for V-Ray, Corona, Arnold, Mental Ray and Scanline renderers. They work really well combined with the Layered Lawns presets already available in Forest Pack 6.

Check out the Rock 3d modelsRock presets and leaf presets in the online library browser.

To get the new models

  1. Launch Update Manager from the Start menu or by clicking the update button found in Forest Pack’s General rollout.

  2. A list of available libraries will be displayed. Check the ones you would like to download and click Install.

  3. Once downloaded, your libraries will immediately be available to use from the library browser.

Not using Forest Pack 6?

These libraries are available to all users running Forest Pack 6 or above. If you’re still using an older version, click here to upgrade.

New photoscanned rocks and leaves presets - jnoTqMg