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Сторонние поставщики ресурсов, совместимых с нашими плагинами

For unmatched integration with ForestPack we recommend 3DGarden, our own library of high-quality 3D Plants. These collections include photoscanned textures and are designed and tested to be fully integrated with ForestPack's library browser, making the speedy population of scenes quick and easy. If we don't yet have what you're looking for, then we also recommend several reputable 3rd party vendors whose assets have been proven to work well with our plugins.

Maxtree, библиотека 3D-ресурсов для ForestPack


Maxtree offers some of the best plant models on the market. Its high-quality libraries are integrated into ForestPack's library browser and also available in GrowFX format for animated foliage.

Renderers supported: Corona and V-Ray

GlobePlants, библиотека 3D-ресурсов для ForestPack

Globe Plants

With over 10 years of experience, Globe Plants promises 3D plants and trees almost indistinguishable from real life. Check back regularly as new plants are added every week.

Renderers supported: Corona and V-Ray

Quixel Megascans, библиотека 3D-ресурсов для ForestPack

Quixel Megascans

Quixel Megascans is the world's largest repository of photoscanned models and materials. Its assets feature optimised topology, UVs and LODs, consistent scale, resolution, and real-world PBR.

Renderers supported: Corona, V-Ray, Arnold, Octane and more

Evermotion, 3d assets library for ForestPack


Evermotion offers over 2500 plant models in many different categories. Whether you're looking for trees, flowers, grass, bushes, hedges, herbs, or interior plants Evemotion has you covered.

Renderers supported: Corona, V-Ray and more

Vizpark, библиотека 3D-ресурсов для ForestPack


VizPark offers an extensive collection of 3D models, textures, hdris and tools for architectural visualization. Many of the plant collections are integrated with ForestPack's library browser.

Renderers supported: Corona, V-Ray, Octane, FStorm and more

Growfx, Tree Modeling and Animation System for 3ds Max

Exlevel GrowFX

GrowFX is an industry-leading plant modelling tool for 3DS Max. Use it to create animatable broadleaf trees, conifers, palms, flowers, ivy or any other type of foliage you can imagine.

Laubwerk, библиотека 3D-ресурсов для ForestPack


Laubwerk Plant Kits are unique procedural assets that allow you to modify the shape, age, season and level of detail for each 3D plant in just a few clicks. Collections are integrated with the ForestPack library browser.

Renderers supported: Corona, V-Ray, Octane, Arnold and more