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  • EUE 2017

    EUE 2017

    Friday, 07-July-2017 in Utrech. One more year, we are attending End User Event, an all time classic within the 3d scene in Europe, and the first event we ever attended back in 2012. For this year, we're doing a big effort, having 2 talks, one of them in partnership with Factory Fifteen, and a workshop.

  • Training Day en BIMVIZ estudio

    Training Day en BIMVIZ estudio

    Thursday, 20-April-2017 in Madrid. Como continuación a nuestro tour por las ATCs de Madrid, el próximo 20 de Abril estaremos en CICE para un nuevo  #iToosoftTrainingDay

  • #iToosoftTrainingDay en CICE

    #iToosoftTrainingDay en CICE

    Wednesday, 19-April-2017 in Madrid.  #iToosoftTrainingDay el próximo 19 de abril. Un evento exclusivo para alumnos de #CICE, donde podrán conocer de primera mano consejos y trucos de los plugins #RailClone y #ForestPack 

  • Unveiling RailClone3 at 3dsLondon

    Unveiling RailClone3 at 3dsLondon

    Thursday, 02-March-2017 in London. We were invited once again to 3dsLondon where we unveiled the new features for the upcoming RailClone3, to be released in the next weeks. Great welcome as usual from the 3d local community.

  • Cityscape Digital Training Session

    Cityscape Digital Training Session

    Wednesday, 18-January-2017. Happy to be in London to meet our friends at Cityscape Digital, learn more about their workflow and carry out a training session on #ForestPack and #RailClone

  • SoA Academy Day#7

    SoA Academy Day#7

    From Friday, 07-October-2016 to Saturday, 08-October-2016 in Venice. This year at State of Art Academy, we wanted to shatter the preconception that Forest Pack is only for vegetation, focussing on some of the most interesting case studies we were sent in after this year’s call for showreel material. We presented last on the Friday night and everyone’s mind was already on Pizza so we woke them up with Squatty Potty. The rest came out pretty well, but we noticed that no one had ice cream for dessert that night :)

  • A Training Day with iToosoft at Gotheborg

    A Training Day with iToosoft at Gotheborg

    Friday, 16-September-2016 in Venice. As a follow up to AVA 2016, we thought it would be a great chance to sit with users and friends to share tips and tricks and listen to their queries. This gave us a chance to have a better knowledge of what do you expect from our software. A great event.

  • Architectural Visualization Day 2016

    Architectural Visualization Day 2016

    Thursday, 15-September-2016 in Gothenburg. We were invited for the second time in a row, so we headed to Goteborg to showcase the Forest Pack 5 and the upcoming RailClone3. The outcome was put together in this very nice video

  • 3ds London

    3ds London

    Wednesday, 07-September-2016 in London. It’d been far too long since we presented at London so we returned to update the UK Arch Viz crowd on some of the new features in Forest Pack and RailClone since our last visit, showcase some outstanding work created with our plugins and tease some the new features anticipated in RailClone3

  • The d2 Conferences 2016

    The d2 Conferences 2016

    From Friday, 26-August-2016 to Saturday, 27-August-2016 in Vienna. We sponsored the event for the first time, and ended up very happy with the experience: a great venue, amazing networking and an inspiring lineup of speakers. We will be back.

  • The Boundary

    The Boundary

    Wednesday, 06-July-2016. We visited The Boundary to see how the talented team are using our products, answer their questions and discuss how the plugins can be improved to make them even better.

  • Digital Drawing Days 2016

    Digital Drawing Days 2016

    From Friday, 20-May-2016 to Saturday, 21-May-2016 in Arezzo. Our Italian partner 3DWS invited us to this free annual event, aimed at their client base.  We spent a couple days in the beautiful city of Arezzo, sharing our knowledge with the local 3d community.

  • FMX 2016

    FMX 2016

    From Wednesday, 27-April-2016 to Wednesday, 27-April-2016 in Stutggart. FMX was our first event focused on VFX and Gaming to talk about Artist-Friendly Scattering and Parametric Modeling. We hoped we could convince the Maya guys that you can handle tons of geometry in Max. Or maybe it’s time for us to explore new horizons? Only the future will tell, but we like this Industry sector.

  • SoA Academy Day#6

    SoA Academy Day#6

    From Friday, 02-October-2015 to Saturday, 03-October-2015 in Venice. So now what? That's the question we asked ourselves when we were invited to Venice for the third time. By now this event had become our annual keynote, and the bar had been set high. We didn’t want anything more or less than to deliver a great presentation, so after racking our brains, we decided to talk about our support service and how users send in the most unbelievable queries. To be honest, it was a blast.

  • Archviz Week with FX Animation

    Archviz Week with FX Animation

    From Thursday, 17-September-2015 to Thursday, 17-September-2015 in Barcelona. We were invited by FX Animation, our  ATC in Barcelona to the event, co-organised with the Barcelona Architects Association.