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  • Architectural Visualization Day 2015

    Architectural Visualization Day 2015

    Thursday, 17-September-2015 in Gothenburg. We have a many loyal users in the Nordics so we didn’t think it twice when we were invited to AVD. Plus, the venue at Lindholmen Science Park is amazing!

  • Hayes Davidson

    Hayes Davidson

    Wednesday, 01-April-2015. In the first week of April we paid a visit to long time friends and advanced users of our plugins, Hayes Davidson. We delivered two seminars as part of their ongoing series of in-house training events as well as seeing how talented artists are using our plugins in production.

  • The 3D Symposium

    The 3D Symposium

    Saturday, 08-November-2014 in Barcelona. We showcased Forest Pack 4 on streaming during one of the most important 3d events in the Latin-American scene.

  • SoA Academy Day#5

    SoA Academy Day#5

    From Friday, 03-October-2014 to Saturday, 04-October-2014 in Venice. We came back to Venice to seal our “love story” with SoA. After the first year’s success, we wanted to go a step beyond and decided to base our presentation on a model of the Move Hotel, built exclusively for the occasion.

  • End User Event 2014

    End User Event 2014

    From Thursday, 05-June-2014 to Friday, 06-June-2014 in Utrech. Following the successful release of Forest pack 4 and RailClone2, we couldn’t skip our commitment to Joep and his crew. We returned to the Florin to showcase both plugins at EUE. Beers and good friends did the rest. This is what you get when a 3d event is held at a pub!

  • SoA Academy Day#4

    SoA Academy Day#4

    From Friday, 04-October-2013 to Saturday, 05-October-2013 in Venice. We never imagined our first visit to Venice would be the beginning of a great relationship with State of Art Academy. Gianpiero, Roberto, and the rest of the SoA team welcomed us with open arms. Over two sessions we unveiled Forest  Pack 4 and RailClone2 with a gratifyingly appreciative reception from everyone who attended.

  • 3ds London

    3ds London

    Monday, 02-September-2013 in London. Hot on the heels of the release of RailClone2 we got to demonstrate all the new features to the friendly crowd at 3DS London

  • 3ds London

    3ds London

    Friday, 01-March-2013 in London. Our first presentation to 3ds London, a monthly meeting of UK based 3ds Max users. We showed a comprehensive overview of Forest Pack’s main features, shared some tips and made new friends.

  • End User Event 2012

    End User Event 2012

    From Thursday, 31-May-2012 to Friday, 01-June-2012 in Utrech. iToosoft’s first ever public appearance couldn’t have a better setting: The Florin Pub at Utrecht - an outstanding venue for the annual End User Event held in Holland. Although the company was formed in 1998, it took awhile to start showing our plugins to a specialised audience. “Creating Vegetation and other things” and “Self-constructing objects without limits” were the titles of these inaugural talks in which we demonstrated Forest Pack and RailClone in front of a live audience of 3D artists for the first time.