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Hanging Plants Volume 1 now available
Tuesday, 13-december-2022


Hanging Plants Volume 1 is a new The3dGarden collection designed to make it easy to add climbing, hanging, and balcony plants to your renders.

This themed collection features eight species of various flowers in 5 different types - crawling, hanging, and 3 pergola sizes. Each type has 6 variations per species to create a comprehensive library of 240 models. As always it's fully integrated into the Forest Pack library to make adding hanging plants as easy as selecting some assets and assigning them to a path. Watch the tutorial at the top of the page to see how easy it is to use. 

All our libraries use real geometry for leaves with high-quality photoscanned textures. Not only does this help the plants to reflect light more accurately, but by using real geometry instead of cards, we minimise overdraw which can have a negative impact on render times.

The Hanging Plants collection features plants in 3 specialised types. Use Custom Edit mode to place climbing plants around pillars and posts, fill closed splines to create areas of plants hanging from pergolas, or distribute along splines to add hanging plants to the tops of walls, railings, facades, window boxes, and much more!


Check out the collection and download a free sample


We hope you find these new collections useful. If you have any comments, or even suggestions for future libraries, please feel free to let us know on our forum.