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Introducing TheParametricLibrary
Wednesday, 28-april-2021



We’re proud to announce TheParametricLibrary, a brand new line of 3D assets for RailClone Pro. Far more than just another stock library, these smart assets can be easily customised to quickly build unique and impressive environments. 

We’re launching with Background Buildings Volumes 1. The collection features thirteen individual high-quality parametric towers with fully editable footprints, height, materials, and more. For large areas, a time-saving all-in-one preset is also included to quickly create a grid of buildings that can be made to follow a path. 

From the outset, our aim with TheParametricLibrary has been to take the hard work out of procedural design, allowing you to use advanced RailClone Pro techniques in minutes rather than hours. If you’re able to create a spline and edit some parameters, then you already know everything you need to create a model that can be customised to create thousands of variations.

For more information, including videos and tutorials, please visit our new TheParametricLibrary pages.


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