Renew Subscriptions

To renew your licenses, enter in our userpanel and open "My Licenses" section where you can check your licenses status and purchase renewals.

Access to our userpanel to purchase your renewal.

User Panel

If you don't know your login credentials, please contact us to request a new password.

Forest Pack 2.x Licenses

If you have a Forest 2.x or older license, you can upgrade to latest Forest Pack Pro 4 purchasing a subscription renewal. Please, contact us for requesting a password login to access to the panel.

Subscription Benefits

The Subscription plan gives the following benefits:

  • Automatic upgrades to the most up-to-date versions.
  • Early access to Beta versions.
  • Premium technical support.
  • Special subscriber-only promotions and discounts.

By default, all licenses include a one-year subscription, but you can choose an extended subscription plan at the time of purchase.

Subscription Cost

The subscription renewal price is 50 Eur by license and year. We offer discounts choosing three-years subscription.

International Resellers

You can also purchase in one of our resellers. To find a reseller in your country or region please see our list of international resellers.


If you have questions about the purchasing process, license types and subscription options, please see the Purchasing and Licensing FAQ.