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Ask iToo February 2023 Livestream
Watch the recording of our February 2023 Livestream


  • Forest Pack Logo, The Scatteting tool for 3ds Max
  • RailClone Logo

Topics this month included

00:02:38 Improvements to Forest Sets
00:08:04 How to use edge trimming in path distribution or custom edit mode
00:16:34 Introducing the RailClone 6 beta
00:17:23 How to use RailClone Slicer for L1S arrays
00:40:36 Using RailClone Slicer with premade templates
00:45:48 Adding styles to the RC library in a couple of clicks
00:49:29 How to convert an existing graph to macro easily
00:52:18 Adding a password to your graphs
00:54:46 An introduction to TyFlow terrains
01:12:28 Using Forest Pack withTyflow Terrains
01:15:00 Extracting Masks from Tyflow for use with Forest Pack or shaders