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Ask iToo June Livestream
Join the iToo team as they answer your questions
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A recording from June 23rd 2022 of our monthly stream where we answer questions and discuss some of the changes in the recent versions of Forest Pack and RailClone. Topics included: 

00:01:15 Introduction
00:01:50 New Features in RailClone 5.2.3
00:09:37 optimising styles to place more edge loops on curved sections
00:16:30 How to align a RailClone style to the normals of an underlying surface
00:18:11 Support for V-Ray 6 in Forest Pack and improvements to reference mode
00:23:50 How to model a corrugated sheet metal roof
00:34:11 Combing RailClone and Forest pack to create a unique grasscrete pattern
00:46:31 How to create a procedural post and rail fence (plus some advanced randomisation tips!)
01:03:25 Creating a twisted surface effect