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Ask iToo May 2022 Livestream
Catch up on our May 2022 Ask iToo livestream
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In this livestream, broadcast on May 26th 2022, we talked about - you guessed it - doors, along with many other topics requested by our users over the last month. See the list below for topics and times.

00:00:20 Introduction and new releases.
0:03:30 Using Corona Decals with RailClone and Forest Pack.
00:09:25 Handrail corners that change direction and height.
00:15:40 Tips for making day-to-day work faster.
00:29:35 How to inherit sizes in nested generators to make things like doors and windows.
00:50:17 Quickly adding assets to the library browser and sharing on a network
01:02:20 How to easily colour correct multiple plants in a scatter
01:07:00 Using Forest Pack with Chaos Vantage