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Create a rollercoaster
Learn how to nest generators, bank geometry and more to create a rollercoaster
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In this  tutorial we’ll create a rollercoaster using multiple generators to add the different parts including:

  • A pipe and frame that attaches a rail to the main structure and can be banked using markers applied to the spline
  • The Train itself 
  • And finally, the supporting scaffolding which reaches from the top of the rollercoaster to ground level. 

This is an advanced tutorial, so if you’re new to RailClone I’d certainly start with the earlier episodes in this course. Some of the topics include:

  • Using RC Spline modifiers to twist arrays around the spline
  • How to override banking for specific generators and segments
  • Stepped deform mode
  • How to nest generators
  • And how to use attributes array using expressions