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Creating large-scale environments with Forest Pack and RailClone
A 2.5 hour training session recorded live at Total Chaos 2018
ForestPack, RailClone

This is the recording from a 2 part training session that took place at Total Chaos in 2018. Using a number of real-world projects by Polymachine, Bertrand Benoit, LUXX Studios, Screenscene VFX and more, this masterclass explored tips and tricks for creating and optimising large-scale scenes.

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Watch Part 2

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Along the way, we demonstrated techniques about some of the lesser-known features - including several that are unique to Forest Pack 6 and RailClone 3 - that will improve your day-to-day workflow and illustrate the plugins’ boundless versatility for VFX, VR, real-time and architectural visualisation. Although. There have been several updates to the software since this was recorded, the majority of the advice remains relevant.

In addition to core principles, other topics will include:

  • Creating scenes with nearly limitless polycounts.
  • Preparing scenes and geometry for use with Forest Pack and RailClone.
  • Creating large areas of ground cover.
  • Why you should adopt a layer-based approach to lawns and ground cover.
  • Several techniques for optimising large scenes.
  • Controlling animated source geometry and adding crowds.
  • Optimising scenes for VR renders.
  • Creative uses for falloff.
  • Refining compositions using item editor mode.
  • Refining workflows using Forest Pack 6’s new features.
  • Using Forest Effects
  • Mastering RailClone generators.
  • Creating modular facades.
  • Creative uses for the compose operator.
  • Mastering randomisation.
  • Creating condition-based styles.
  • Understanding clipping.
  • Mastering spacing modes.
  • Making life easier with Macros
  • Much more!

Whether you’re new to RailClone and Forest Pack or a seasoned veteran, this masterclass will help you to get more from our plugins.

We'd like to thanks Chaos for recording this event and allowing us to publish it.

We'd also like the thanks the following artists and studios who contributed projects to the presentation: Bertrand BenoitPolyMachineLuxx FilmThe Boundary,  Makuta VFX, and Screenscene.