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Creating Environments with Megascans
Wednesday, 19-december-2018

Creating Environments with Megascans

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Quixel has released two new tutorials that feature Forest Pack extensively to create a quarry scene using Megascans assets. They were created by Darryl Johnson Quixel's Artist and Pipeline Manager who has an excellent pedigree, having worked first in the automotive industry creating car commercials, at Blur Studios as a scene assembler, and most recently at Blizzard as a lighter/compositor on Overwatch's mind-blowing cinematics.

Create Photorealistic Environments using Megascans in Redshift

The first tutorial covers the whole process of creating the scene, including reference materials, setting up the scene and using Megascans bridge, blocking and composition, preparing foliage, scattering using Forest Pack, lighting, and finally rendering with Redshift. 

You can see a written version of this tutorial on the  Megascans Blog.

 Scattering Megascans Atlases with Forest Pack

The second tutorial takes a deep-dive into using Forest Pack and Atlas textures to create ground cover and other small plants. It's a complete end to end process, starting with importing materials using Megascans Bridge, developing techniques for creating and adding variatiosn to geometry, and sharing tips for creating Redshift shaders. Following this he looks in detail at how Forest Pack can be used to create believable natural randomness, and how easily foliage can be art-directed using multiple, layered, paint areas. 

You can also see a written version of this tutorial on the  Megascans Blog.

For more news about Megascans, please follow their blog and check out the library to see examples of their high quality photoscanned assets.