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ForestIvy sneak peek- out now in beta
Saturday, 01-june-2024

Forest Pack 9 beta is now available for testing. Users with an active maintenance plan can find it in their User Panel.

In addition to Max 2025 compatibility and many improvements to Forest Pack, this release includes the brand new ForestIvy plugin designed to simplify the creation of climbing plants.

Some of the features of Forest Ivy include:

  • High-Quality Presets (two available during the beta period). Easy to use, just pick a surface and start painting to grow Ivy.
  • Customizable Library Browser: Easily create, manage, and add your own presets with a couple of clicks.
  • Super-Fast Multithreaded Algorithm: Get instant feedback with our bespoke multithreaded algorithm, no more waiting for growth simulations.
  • Hybrid Drawing and Algorithmic Growth: Combine artistic control with procedural growth to achieve art-directable natural and lifelike results.
  • Advanced Leaf Controls: Customise presets or create your own using various growth patterns, heliotropism, and leaf size adjustments based on branch age for accurate simulation of natural behavior.
  • Multi-Layered Growth Options: Add leaves, flowers, berries, and more to recreate many types of climbing species.
  • Surface-Independent Growth: Create basic bushes and shrubs without the need for a surface.
  • Efficient Rendering: Seamlessly render hundreds of thousands of high-poly assets with viewport and render time instancing, currently supported for Arnold and V-Ray CPU


Many more improvements are included. Released is planned for after-summer. Meanwhile, here are some available resources:


Happy rendering!