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Monday, 19-october-2020


Bertrand Benoit has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of quality with each release, and his new collection based on Marcel Breuer’s Hooper House II,is no exception. The set was created as a personal project using the Corona 1.7 daily builds. Trees were custom made with GrowFX and scattered using Forest Pack Pro along with the other vegetation, rocks, leaves and more.

Talking about the technical aspects of the scene, Betrand explaing, "there’s a sprinkling of RailClone for the stone floor, concrete tiles in the driveway, and railings on one outside wall. I took the opportunity to throw in a bunch of photo-scanned assets–rocks, trees, leaves and the stone wall texture, which was actually grabbed from the side of an old church off Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. There’s a tiny bit of volumetric fog in the exterior views and some basic particle systems for the pond in the patio. ZBrush and MD were used to help model some of the assets, which, as usual, are all mine, as are 90% of the textures." To find out more about how these images were created and see full resolution version, check out the case study on BB3viz.

Hooper - 59df365d60d9f