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Introducing Small Plants Volume 1
Monday, 24-july-2023

We are excited to announce the release of Small Plants Volume 1, an exclusive collection of high-quality plant models, now available from The3DGarden. 

Small Plants Volume 1 is a meticulously curated collection featuring 15 species of various small plants, both flowering and non-flowering. Each species comes with three variations, creating a comprehensive library of 90 models plus 5 bonus presets. The collection is designed to be seamlessly integrated with Forest Pack, providing designers with a diverse and realistic range of models to bring their 3D scenes to life.

Small Plants Volume 1 uses real geometry for leaves alongside highly realistic photoscanned textures and native materials for V-Ray and Corona Renderer meaning that they reflect light more accurately and minimise overdraw, which can negatively impact render times.

The collection is fully integrated into Forest Pack Pro's built-in library browser. This saves artists valuable time usually spent importing models, converting materials, and repathing bitmaps. All that's required is to select the assets to scatter, and Forest Pack takes care of the rest. To add natural variation to the foliage, the libraries take full advantage of Forest Colour where appropriate.

For more information, download the PDF catalog, and to experience the quality of the collection firsthand, we invite you to download a free sample from the product page.


Check out the collection and download a free sample


We hope you find these new collections useful. If you have any comments, or even suggestions for future libraries, please feel free to let us know on our forum.