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RailClone 5.2.3 released
Monday, 13-june-2022

With thanks to Ilya Galinsky for the image

A new maintenance release of RailClone is now available to download, with several important fixes and a couple of handy improvements.

Although this release is primarily to fix some small bugs, advanced users who use expressions will be pleased to learn that we've added two new attributes: XSectionAdjustedLength and YSectionAdjustedLength. These new options can be used to return the size of the current spline section, automatically subtracting the size of any Start, End, Evenly, Marker, or Corner segments for the X and Y axes respectively. 

It differs from the existing XSectionLength and YSectionLength attributes because it allows you to fit Default segments (simple geometry or even nested generators) into the spline section without requiring you to manually take into consideration the size of adjacent segments. The illustration below explains the values that would be returned for the two attribute types for a wall with a pillar in the Start and End inputs

This release also fixes several issues recently reported by our users, including undesirable behaviour of the Y Sequence operator when using multiple X Splines, improvements when using the Conditional node to detect lines or curves, improved support for using non-geometric objects in nested Generators for some renderers (including Corona Renderer), and more. To see a full list visit the release notes, or to update now, log in to your User Panel


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