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Welcome to the new ITOOSOFT
Thursday, 11-july-2024

ITOOSOFT rebranding announcement

It’s amazing to think that this year, ITOOSOFT has been around for 25 years. Founded in the late-1990s in Cádiz, Spain, we got our start in the demoscene, a subculture dedicated to showcasing artistic, programming, and design prowess.

In fact, our company name came about during this period. ITOOSOFT started out as the “iToo Brothers”, two siblings hoping to get into a local demo group with the drive to push the limits of what could be achieved with computing technology. 

The development of Forest Pack followed shortly after, inspired by the need to efficiently render vast quantities of vegetation when the brothers were tasked with creating a render of Costa Ballena, a new golf course in the south of Spain. This led to the initial idea of scattering and set the scene for the first version of a plugin that was to become the industry standard. The ambition to create new tools that simplify common problems continued with the release of RailClone a decade later, introducing a new parametric modeling approach that significantly altered how artists could approach 3D modeling. ITOOSOFT’s portfolio later expanded to include a comprehensive library of high-quality assets, recognising that artists need ready-to-use assets to complement their software. 

Celebrating its quarter-century milestone, ITOOSOFT reflects on a journey characterized by a commitment to innovation, a close relationship with our users,  and the evolution of the best 3D visualization tools. As we look to the future, challenges such as the competitive landscape and changing consumer behaviors loom. Yet, our foundational values of creativity, technical excellence, and a deep understanding of our users' needs remain at the core of our strategy to adapt and thrive in the dynamic CG industry.

A New Chapter: Rebranding ITOOSOFT

As we look back at the last 25 years, we have to acknowledge that our current branding no longer captures our core values. It’s time for a change, starting with our name.

 iToo Software is now ITOOSOFT

This is not a name change purely for the sake of marketing hoopla,  it's an evolution that mirrors how closely we listen and respond to our clients. By transitioning to ITOOSOFT, we're adopting the name that you, our users, have always called us. The shift to ITOOSOFT, accompanied by a new logo, highlights our dedication to putting our users at the heart of everything we do. It's a name that reflects this ethos, one that's been recognized by our community all along. 

We continue to stand today as a fiercely independent and agile company, run by the same people that started 25 years ago, and with the same goal of maintaining a deep connection to our user base. Our rebranding initiative focuses on what you, our users, can achieve with us. Your success is our success.

That success is also reflected in our new tagline,  showing this two-way connection by which our tools give our users the ability to BE what they like. Together we can...




Of course we couldn’t rename the company without giving an equal amount of thought to our product logos. Both our plugins and our assets brands have been refreshed to maintain the connection to their roots, while pointing the way to a bright new future


What's Next?

This rebranding is just the beginning. Our website will soon reflect these changes, focusing on showcasing your work and keeping you informed with the latest industry news. 

The upcoming release of Forest Pack 9, with a new ivy generator, also exemplifies our commitment to these values and our continuous effort to define the gold standard in scene assembly. Forest Pack is so much more than a scatterer, it's an extensive suite of tools for environment creation that helped to define the industry. RailClone, too, is set for innovations aimed at simplifying its usability while widening its applications, all without compromising its existing powerful features. 

As ITOOSOFT embarks on this new journey, we invite you to celebrate with us. Together, let's continue to break new ground and shape the future of 3D. 

Welcome to the new ITOOSOFT.