Free Plugins

Clone Modifier


Clone is a modifier which can be used to create copies of an object. It is similar to the Array tool in 3DS Max, except that it is parametric.

These images are examples of what you can create with the Clone tool. Each image shows the original single object and its clones:

molecular chain, Itoosoft

A parametric molecular chain

chain, Itoosoft

A real chain

fence, Itoosoft

Fence = Glue + Clone + Path Deform

stairs, Itoosoft

Complex parametric stairs created in one step


Copy the Clone.dlm file from the appropriate "plugin" folder (we provide files for all 3DS Max versions) to any plugin directory of Max.

Using the plugin

clone, Itoosoft

This plugin is a modifier, apply it on a geometry object.

N. of Clones

Number of copies to be generated

Displacement, Rotate and Scale

Incremental transformation of translation, rotation and scale in each axis for each copy of the object

Random Displacement, Rotate and Scale

Random transformation of translation, rotation and scale for each copy of the object.

Random Material

This parameter also allows the user to apply random materials in a defined range (using sub-materials).