Free Plugins

Glue Utility


A tool to place an object over any surface.

This plugin aligns the pivot point of an objects selection over the surface of another object. For example, it's useful in placing trees over a mountain. Also conforms a spline to follow the surface. This is a sample creating a wall in three steps:

glue, Itoosoft

Draw a spline and some trees over the terrain

glue, Itoosoft

Apply Glue and an adapted spline to create

glue, Itoosoft

Apply an outline over the spline, extrude it and the wall is finished


Copy the Glue.dlu file from the appropriate "plugin" folder (we provide files for all 3DS Max versions) to any plugin directory of Max.

Using the plugin

glue, Itoosoft

This plugin is a tool, look for it in the Utilities panel.

Pick a base object with the "Pick" button and select the objects you want to "glue". Finally, use the "Glue Selected" button.


It lets you choose the direction (in world space) in which the glue will work.

Follow normal surface

The objects are rotated following the normal of surface


When you glue a spline, the original object is maintained, and the plugin creates the other spline object. These parameters define the resulting spline, you can preserve the original vertices (only for linear splines), interpolate by a number of steps, or interpolate using a defined segment size.