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Ask iToo August 2022 Livestream
The iToo team answer questions asked during August 2022



RailClone, Spline Offset, Forest Pack

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A recording of our August livestream where we answer questions from our users and share tips and techniques from real-world cases sent to us over the previous 30 days.

You can download Spline Offset for free from here

++Main Topics this month++

00:00:20 Introduction
00:02:09 How to create a zen garden with raked gravel in 3ds Max.
00:18:00 How to model a parametric foot bridge in RailClone.
00:26:01 How to slide an array around inside its clipping spline (for example a ceiling)
00:30:08 How to create realistic grass variations on a lawn in Forest Pack
00:40:19 How to scatter inside a volume with Forest Pack
00:47:44 How to create a procedural facade using the Morpher modifier and RailClone in 3ds Max
01:02:12 (Re the previous question) Can I use a noise map instead of selecting using intersecting geometry?