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Ask iToo September 2022 Livestream
The iToo team answer questions asked during September 2022



Forest Pack Pro, RailClone Pro, 3ds Max

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A recording of our September livestream where we answer questions from our users and share tips and techniques from real-world cases sent to us over the previous 30 days.

You can download Spline Offset for free from here

++Main Topics this month++

00:01:00 Forest Pack 8 beta
00:03:20 How to clone lots of houses that use RailClone roofs
00:07:11 How to link Forest Pack to RailClone to add trees to planters on pavements
00:12:34 How to create procedural festoon lighting with RailClone
00:25:31 How to animate objects inside a group and scatter them with Forest Pack
00:28:55 How to model a procedural facade with a curved top
00:38:49 How to change materials based on altitude in Forest Pack
00:45:45 How to cut holes in multiple sides of a building in a single RailClone object
00:48:38 How to scatter a crowd along splines in Forest Pack but maintain access areas
00:55:35 How to maintain vertical alignment in adaptive deformation mode (RailClone)
00:58:42 How to mode a complex morphed facade using just sequence and mirror operators