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Windy Grass
Use Animation Forest parameters to create a windy grass field.
Forest Pack


Forest Pack Pro 3.6, 3DS Max 9

  • Forest Pack Logo, The Scatteting tool for 3ds Max

Windy Grass


Steps Guide

  1. Open "grass.max" file
  2. Select "grass sample" object
  3. Apply Bend modifier: angle=0.5, dir=90, Y axis
  4. Second Bend: angle=8, dir=0, Z axis
  5. Animate Bend Direction: 0 at frame 0, 360 at frame 100
  6. Open Track View to edit Direction
  7. Use Cuve Editor to create an endless animation
  8. Unhide "Rectangle01" and "terrain" objects
  9. Create Forest object using "Rectangle01" as the area
  10. Geometry: width=700, height=300
  11. Use "grass sample" as a Custom Object
  12. Distribution: dense, 8000x8000, lock aspect ratio
  13. Set camera to "Camera01". Enable "Use on Custom Objects" checkbox
  14. Assign Surface to "terrain" object
  15. Random Scale: 100% to 120%
  16. Random Tint: 0% to 50%, default color range
  17. Display: viewport simplification level = 2
  18. Animation: "Random from Geometry", time offset=20, samples=4
  19. Render video