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How to Scatter Lights with Forest Pack 7
In this demonstration, we look at how to scatter lights with Forest Pack 7 for 3ds Max
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Forest Pack 7

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With the release of Forest Pack 7, V-Ray, Corona, Octane and Arnold users can now scatter non-geometric objects, including lights!

To use this feature there’s really no need to learn anything new, you just add a light to Forest Packs items list in the usual way as though it was geometry. You can now scatter it using any and all of Forest Pack’s many distribution modes. For example:

  • you could use Spline mode to scatter lights along a spline to create festoon lighting
  • You could use map based distribution and define a ceiling area to quickly add light lights. If you want to change the spacing, you can easily edit the FP item at any point making it far more flexible than placing lights by hand.
  • If you’ve received a file with markers where lights are to be added, you can easily use Forest Pack’s reference mode to attach lights to them. If the marker moves, the light moves!
  • Finally, you can even use PFLOW to place lights to open up this feature to a whole host of uses!. 

Now that we can scatter lights, there are a few more things that are worth knowing. First is a reminder that Forest Pack is able to scatter groups, and from now on these can include mixed groups that include both lights and geometry. This is great for scattering lamp posts, light fittings and that kind of thing. To pick these from the scene, you must do it by using the add multiple button and picking the group name, or by opening the group and selecting the bounding box instead of the geometry when adding it to the items list. 

Second If you’re a Corona user, you’ll be pleased to know that Forest Colour can be used to randomise the tint and intensity of lights simply by adding it to the Light’s map input. In V-Ray, only the geometry light type currently supports this feature. 

Another bonus for Corona users is the ability to use its powerful Lightmix features to adjust lights during and after render time.  If you are a V-ray user you can still use the same feature, but currently, you must first instantiate the lights using Forest Tools. 

We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to seeing the impressive renders our users make with it.