Free Plugins, Itoosoft

The tools listed below are available to download and use completely free of charge. They never expire, can be used commercially, and are compatible with all versions of 3ds Max from 9 to the latest release. To learn more about each plugin, including documentation and tips for use, click Read More!

Clone Modifier, Itoosoft Store

Clone Modifier

Add parametric arrays to your 3ds Max arsenal with Clone, an easy-to-use modifier that creates copies of an object by incrementally translating, rotating and scaling the input geometry. In some ways it is similar 3ds Max’s built-in Array tool with one major benefit - Clone is fully procedural!
Glue Utility, Itoosoft Store

Glue Utility

Project splines and objects onto geometry using Glue, a utility for 3ds max that allows you to move items to a surface along either the X,Y or Z axis. Splines can be automatically normalised before being conformed to follow the target geometry, and items can be rotated to follow the surface’s normals
Color Edge, Itoosoft Store

Color Edge

Blend between maps and materials using ColorEdge, a procedural texture map for 3ds Max that allows you to create a two colour gradient along any visible edge of an object. Controls for offset, width, ramp up and ramp down make the map suitable for many different creative effects.