High quality plant models from iToo Software

Winter Collection Volume 2

A collection of fourteen species of snowy winter trees and bushes. There are three variations available for each of the species to create a comprehensive library of 42 plants.

  • Realistic snow accumulation.
  • Photoscanned trunk geometry.
  • Materials included for V-Ray 3.0 and above and Corona Render 1.6 and higher.
  • This library is designed to be tightly integrated with Forest Pack.
  • Diffuse, glossiness, normal, opacity and translucency maps provided.
  • Texture variation using Forest Colour.
  • .max file format compatible with 3ds Max 2014 and higher.
  • Download size: ~4.1GB.
  • License info.
  • Documentation.



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tree icon - Licensed under Iconfu Standard License v1.0 (https://www.iconfu.com/iconfu_standard_license) - Incors GmbH

The3DGarden's ever expanding library includes a wide range of plants from ground cover to trees, and everything in between. Assets for different seasons, ages, biomes, plus several variations per plant make creating natural looking vegetation simple.

leaf icon - Licensed under Iconfu Standard License v1.0 (https://www.iconfu.com/iconfu_standard_license) - Incors GmbH

The3dGarden collections feature all the detail you need to create highly realistic visualisations. With detailed real geometry for leaves and high quality PBR materials, our assets will bring your scenes to life and exceed your client's expectations.

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Time spent importing models, converting materials and repathing bitmaps is time wasted. All of The3DGarden collections are fully integrated into Forest Pack Pro's built in library browser. All you need to do is pick the assets you want to scatter, and Forest Pack takes care of the rest.

pieces icon - Licensed under Iconfu Standard License v1.0 (https://www.iconfu.com/iconfu_standard_license) - Incors GmbH

The3dGarden collections are fully compatible with Forest Pack Pro and 3ds Max 2014 or above with material libraries for V-Ray and Corona. To add natural variation to the foliage, our libraries take full advantage of Forest Colour where it's appropriate.



Realistic leaves

Realistic leaves

All our libraries use real geometry for leaves with high quality photoscanned textures. Not only does this help the plants to reflect light more accurately, but by using real geometry instead of cards, we minimise overdraw which can have a negative impact on render times.

Detailed geometry

Detailed geometry

Our latest collections all feature detailed trunk geometry and textures created from life by scanning real trees. This makes our assets ideal for the use in the foreground of your renders where realism is of the utmost importance, and thanks to Forest Packs instancing power, there's no need to compromise for backgrounds either.

Ready-to-use presets

Ready-to-use presets

Our collections of smaller plants and ground cover include several ready-to use presets to save you time. Just load a preset and pick the areas for a shortcut to stunning scatters. If you want more artistic control, you can still easily create your own combinations of species using the individual plant models.