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How to add presets to the Forest Pack library
Creating new presets for Forest Pack library.
Forest Pack



3DS Max 2010, Forest Pack Pro

  • Forest Pack Logo, The Scatteting tool for 3ds Max

Creating Presets

Tutorial Steps

  1. First prepare .max files, these will contain a separate Forest object for each preset. Configure the Forest object's parameters as you would normally including geometry, distribution, transforms, materials, diversity etc.
  2. Save the max file to your Forest library folder, see below for more information on file structures.
  3. Open the library browser and from the navigator on the left, select a user library.
  4. Right click in the items grid and select Create Item>3d Object
  5. A new blank Preset will be created in the item browser. To edit, right click on the item and select Properties…
  6. Fill in the Taxonomy values if required
  7. Click on the folder icon next to the Max File field to select the .max scene file that contains the preset (created in step 1).
  8. A list will open containing the objects in the scene, pick a Forest object that you wish to use as a preset. A single max file can contain multiple objects, geometry and presets that be combined in a single external file without problems.
  9. Add a thumbnail by clicking the image file button below the thumbnail preview window. Select an image file and click OK.
  10. Click OK to accept the changes
  11. Save the library by going to File>Save… or selecting the save library button Creating Presets-library_save_button.giffrom the top toolbar.
  12. To use the preset, select in the same way as though it were a 3d object. See the Library Browser reference for more information.