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Creating a Stadium with RailClone
Create a stadium with RailClone.



In a series of 5 tutorials we explore how to create the stadium scene shown above using RailClone2. This series includes tips for creating all the walls, railings, seats, audience, flags and finally the roof structure. This series is split into the following instalments:


Tutorial 1: Creating the railings and barriers using library styles (Lite/Pro)

In the first part we'll be using some of the default library styles that are included with RailClone 2, looking at how they can be used out-of-the-box, or adapted to solve individual problems.

In this section you create the metal railings, concrete barriers and glass facades that run around the entire stadium


Tutorial 2: Creating the advertising hoarding (Lite)

In the second part we'll add the advertising hoarding around the perimeter of the arena. This style will demonstrate how to control the material ID of segments to allow us to randomly apply different textures and introduce how to add parameters that can be adjusted without needing to open the style editor.


Tutorial 3: Creating the seating (Pro)

In the 3rd tutorial a bespoke seating style will be created for the stadium. If we examine the finished style we can see that the chairs attach to a continuous rail with regularly spaced supports.

Though the final result looks complex, none of the individual components are difficult to construct. To create this effect we'll create a composite style comprising 3 generators controlled by a single spline.


Tutorial 4: Adding the audience (Lite)

Having created a seating style in the previous tutorial it's time to add a crowd. This section explores the many randomisation controls available in RailClone to help create varied audiences, with flags!


Tutorial 5: Creating the roof (Pro)

In the final instalment of the stadium tutorial we'll focus on making the undulating roof. This is the first tutorial in this 5 part series to features RailClone2's new two dimensional array generator. In this tutorial we'll explore how to use this generator to make a parameterised roofing style, with controls for angle and depth. The style is made from 3 generators as in the image below.

Scene Files

The files are compatible with 3DS Max 2011 - 2015, and you should have the most recent version of Forest Pack (Lite or Pro) and RailClone installed.

The exercise files contain all the objects necessary to complete this tutorial and are compatible with V-Ray, find them on our download page or from the links on the left hand side.