Urban Park

Steps Guide

  1. Enable Gamma correction (all values to 2.2)
  2. Open "urban_park.max" file
  3. Create Forest01 object using "spline forest 1", assign "laurus_nobilis", "betula_populifolia" and "phoenix_dactylifera" as Custom Objects and set probabilty to 23%, 100%, 3%
  4. Set distribution to "Dense", X/Y=100, Threshold=40%
  5. Enable random Rotation (0-359) and Scale (80-120)
  6. Create Forest02 object in Custom Edit mode
  7. Assign "phoenix_dactylifera" as Custom Object
  8. Enable random Rotation (0-359) and Scale (100-120)
  9. Enable sub-object mode and add more trees along the road
  10. Select all trees and press Re-seed button to randomize them
  11. Create Forest03 object using "spline forest 2"
  12. Use "building21", building22" and "building23" as Custom Objects
  13. Set Viewport Display mode to "Trees"
  14. Enable random Scale (100-120)
  15. Set distribution to "Dense" map, X/Y=4400, Threshold=11%
  16. Render scene using Camera01 and Camera02